Muay Thai Main Event Artur Saladiak (UK) vs Youssef Boughanem (BEL)

This bout is the between the much talked about match up between current Raja champion Boughanem and UK no4 Artur Saladiak.

Saladiak coming under a lot of negative comments from many on social media but to his credit, he saved a fight by replacing his team mate Jake Purdy and fighting a man not many others would take.

The 1st round is a calm one from Saladiak and very different from his usual style. He is moving round the ring and stepping out nicely from being backed into the corner by the dangerous Boughanem.

YB picking away at Arturs lead leg which is showing some welting.

2nd round now and Saladiak is getting his leg taken by a strong YB. Boughanem is now upping the tempo and got Saladiak on the back foot.

Youssef comes into the 3rd very fast and looking for an obvious stoppage. Saladiak very sharply lands an upwards elbow to the cheek of Boughanem, showing his experience Youssef shrugs it off and continues the onslaught.

Artur is showing some huge heart in this battle but referee Tony Myers steps in gives Saladiak the 8 count. The bout resumes but Youseef now, sensing a weakness rushes Saladiak and some big shots drops him to the canvas.

Referee Myers calling a halt to the fight.

Winner via stoppage Youssef Boughanem.



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