Muay thai : Leyton Collymore vs Rafael Fiziev

Nice start to this fight from the young fighter Collymore who is using his range and height to his advantage over the man described by UFC supremo Dana White as ‘Neo’ (The Matrix). Leyton is scoring well with no reply from Fiziev who so far is only trying get close and attempt a big overhand.

Round 2 starts how the 1st finished with Collymore scoring well and switching kicks nicely to the body of Rafael.

Rafael finishes the round strong with some nice body shots.

Collymore opens the 3rd with a big teep, Rafael looking to counter by attempting to step in with an elbow but Collymore smartly moves out the way. Fiziev is looking dangerous with his left body shot but Leyton again scoring well with a nicely placed body kick.

As the round ends, Collymore ties Fiziev up into the clinch to consolidate his win.

Winner via unanimous decision, Leyton Collymore.



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